Ahhh, telecommuting, how I miss thee

Sometimes I take for granted the advantages of working from home. Sure, there is the missed social interactions, free coffee, and general structure of a day in the office. But, hey, if I'm an early riser and can get a grand jump on things, more power to me, right?

Anyway, I headed to the city today for a business meeting with colleagues. This meant a long train ride into the city. Here are some things I never endure when my commute is from my kitchen to my office down the hall.

1) I never need to sprint the equivalent of seven football fields to catch a train (loyal readers may recall my rant against my second most local train station), in any weather, let alone summertime heat and humidity.

2) Nobody ever sits behind me gabbing on her cell phone for most of the 90-minute ride.

3) Nobody ever sits right on top of me, wearing a trench coat or some equivalent, again, let alone on a hot and sticky day, which of course produces some, nice, noisome body odor.

4) Never do I have to hear someone quarrel with a conductor doing his job, enforcing the higher rate for tickets bought on board.

5) Never do I feel like so part of the herd as I walk with the commuter stream, thousands upon thousands of us, trekking to our office, meeting point, etc, following paths we could do if blindfolded, because we've done this same sad walk countless times before.

6) Never do I sit wondering why the person next to me (this time on the commute home), struggling for elbow room with her mobile devices, won't simply slide across the aisle, where three empty seats have become available.

But, it's not all bad.

1) The girls in their summer dresses.

2) The chance to grab a pint at a favorite bar.

3) The material you gather for a quick and easy blog post.

4) The girls in their summer dresses (yeah, worth repeating...)

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