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Football stadium roster through 2014

It's kind of funny, but with two new stadiums visited this season, this list looks sufficiently different from last year's list that I think it worth sharing again. :)

EverBank Park

And here I am at EverBank Park! Or, from all appearances, Giants Stadium South...

So, did you see what I did with that last sentence of my preceding post? Yeah, HKHWR is up to his old tricks again: Whereas my trip to the Linc last week was rather spontaneous, this football weekend became a given once the NFL schedule was released in May. A few of my friends have been waiting for Big Blue to play in Jacksonville these last few seasons. We figured to have a decent-sized group get together, but we ended up with 50 of us booking flights, arranging long and short road trips, reserving hotel stays, securing tickets, planning tailgates etc. So, I'm at my first Giants road game since 1998!

Not keen on planning football trips during ski season, when games may be flexed (ha--like that was a possibility for this matchup), or booking flights during Thanksgiving weekend, the schedule makers did us no favors. But none of that mattered when this weekend finally rolled around.

So, I left a snow…