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The Lump Under the Carpet

So, I was walking down the steps into my basement. When I landed on the third step down, I felt something push back from under the carpet, at the rear of the tread. There looked to be a small lump under the carpet.

Thinking it might be my imagination, I tapped it with my foot and I again felt the lump spring back. My first thought was a mouse, though I couldn't figure out how it might have gotten up here, unless it had just worked its way up through the storage closet that is under those stairs. I then stepped on the lump just a bit more forcefully and then pulled my foot back really, really quickly. That damn lump pushed back three or four times. Ok, I now knew I needed to look under the steps and hope whatever was there didn't jump out and start scratching or biting me. Or call an exterminator...

Yeah, so I opened the closet door, only to find that the tip of one of my springy cross country skis had slid over and become wedged under the carpet of that step.