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The family has been here awhile...

I haven't done a family history post in awhile, but I have certainly been thinking about it. I intend to pick out certain names in the family tree, and write out what I can, with the hope of providing information to others who descend from these lines. Here is a chart that I put together a long time ago, giving arrival date, boat name, and of course ancestor plus relation.

Some lines of my family have been here a long time.

I had to move it from Word into an image application, so I can't create links to the names. Still, it is my hope that some of the folks mentioned here will be the subject of future posts. I've learned a lot about some of them, and know next to nothing about others. I'm interested to know all I can about every one of them.

Stay tuned.

First day of spring

The temps broke 70 a few days ago.The last bit of snow vanished from the yard on St. Paddy's Day.I've already been outside with the thatching rake, and had the idea that ski season may be done for me.Then I woke up...The return to cooler temps had me checking conditions at local ski areas, and I took the familiar 70-minute drive north.Score!

February ski trip

I took my latest trip to Stowe during President's week, meeting up with friend Mike and his family. I love it up there: the mountain, the restaurants, the pubs, the village—all of it.

For the last decade, Stowe has been the centerpiece of my Prez week trip, but each year I try to visit at least one surrounding ski area too. This year I opted for Sugarloaf, in Maine, a mere 5 hours to the east on Route 2.

Now, I have a certain fondness for the Loaf too, which I chronicled last year. When I was into cross-country skiing in the 90s, I found myself wandering farther and farther north to the better XC areas, and it was at the Sugarloaf XC ski center that I learned how to use skate skis. The impressive sight of that mountain, though, made me want to try alpine skiing again (and some XC struggles going downhill ended up forcing my hand). As a neophyte skier, Mike and I went there in 1999, but I hadn’t been back since. When I learned that a cousin would be living in Maine for a year, I h…

So many ideas, so little time, and a new device

I'm a Droid user as of a few hours ago. I'm trying to get comfortable with it, updating my accounts, downloading apps, and all that. Still, I have pictures ready for a few posts, ideas for a few others, but something of a case of writer's block. Maybe, just maybe, this gadget will magically create order and help me pick up the writing pace.

Two posts last month?! I have more in me than that...

Anyway, back to the app store...