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My weakly mounted NPS map: Bailed out by pins

In retrospect, using old model train layout paste may not have been the best way to mount my National​ Parks visited map. Thankfully I'm now at 121 sites (with 30+ visited during this "nps100" campaign), so I have more than enough pins to firmly hold the map in place...
With 2016 and the NPS's centennial drawing to closes, I can certainly look back and smile on what I've seen this year, and look forward to seeing many more park sites in the coming years. Still, it's somewhat dejecting knowing that I won't add any more pins until the spring, unless a ski strip has me pass Boston or business calls me to DC, in which case I may be able to tack a few more spots sooner than later. For now, though, I can start focusing on adding pins to my ski map. 😀

For the map here, I've used three pin colors: Red pins = National Park sites (33 of 59);
black pins = Civil War sites (16);
yellow pins = all others in the #NPS system.

And, here's the list again (sorted…

A Hat Tip to the NPS Centennial

Today marks the centennial of the National Park Service, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I've looked forward to this day all year. As a rather big fan of the NPS, I've visited about 20 new sites this year, some big and many smaller ones. I learned or greatly enjoyed something at every single location. Since I have posted a few other lists here, I thought it might be interesting to do the same for the parks I've visited to date: Alphabetically by state, here goes...

Denali NPAKKenai Fjords NPAKFort Smith NHSARHot Springs NPARPea Ridge NMPARGrand Canyon NPAZLake Mead NRAAZPetrified Forest NPAZDeath Valley NPCAGolden Gate NRACALassen Volcanic NPCALava Beds NMCARedwood Forest NPCASan Francisco Maritime NHPCAWhiskeytown NRPCAYosemite NPCAColorado NMCOMesa Verde NPCORocky Mountain NPCOWeir Farm NHSCTKorean War Veterans MemorialDCLincoln MemorialDCNational MallDCThomas Jefferson MemorialDCWashington MonumentDCWord War II MemorialDCWorld War I MemorialDCCanaveral NMFLChickama…

My Third for 27 Outs Baseball

I still have a ski post to belt out, and my National Parks sites checkins are growing so there will surely be something on that sooner than later. However, baseball season is rapidly approaching for some. In my latest for 27 Outs Baseball, I reflect on this, thinking about my last few MiLB adventures and what this new season seems to have in store for my ballpark gallivanting...Enjoy