A whale of a tail...tale?...no, tail...

This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. As mentioned in one of my posts over the weekend, I had this LA excursion planned since the MLB schedule came out. But, LA is kind of a hike from New York, so I stretched the trip out from a weekend to five days. I added a few stops to the itinerary, including a whale watch trip out of Dana Point, about 75 minutes south of LA.

We were only a few miles out when we spotted our first whales, finbacks. But, the captain was told of a blue whale sighting and took us to where it was reported. We saw a few, following them around for a bit. I haven't finished going through my pictures yet, but felt compelled to share this brief clip I was so fortunate to see.

Nothing short of extraordinary, in my opinion. Then again, there's nothing short about these critters, is there? Six or seven (including a cow/calf pair) were observed this past Sunday morning. One surfaced just in front of our stationary boat, remarkably audible, as the sound of water pouring off of it and it exhaling drew our attention while we were fixated on another whale somewhat more distantly off to our starboard side. I would have loved to have had my video rolling when that transpired, but I am more than content to have this one.

It really was a whale of a morning...


  1. I love the whale-like sound at 0:07. I could listen to that on an endless loop...


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