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The great state-border-crossing challenge

I don't think I had ever once wondered how many different borders there are among the lower 48 states before seeing a Facebook group post the following list a few years ago. It definitely caught my attention.

Without flying or using ferries, here are the 107 state borders that can be crossed by driving.

AlabamaFloridaAlabamaGeorgiaAlabamaMississippi  ✅AlabamaTennessee  ✅ArizonaCalifornia  šŸ™ArizonaColorado  ✅šŸ„¾ArizonaNew Mexico  ✅šŸ„¾ArizonaNevada  ✅Arizona Utah  ✅šŸ„¾ArkansasLouisiana  ✅ArkansasMississippi  šŸ™ArkansasMissouri  šŸ™ArkansasOklahoma  ✅ArkansasTennessee  ✅ArkansasTexas  ✅CaliforniaNevada  ✅šŸ„¾CaliforniaOregon  ✅ColoradoKansasColoradoNebraskaColoradoNew Mexico  ✅šŸ„¾ColoradoOklahomaColoradoUtah  ✅šŸ„¾ColoradoWyoming  ✅ConnecticutMassachusetts  ✅ConnecticutNew York  ✅ConnecticutRhode Island  ✅DelawareMaryland  ✅DelawareNew Jersey  ✅DelawarePennsylvania  ✅FloridaGeorgia  ✅GeorgiaNorth CarolinaGeorgiaSouth Carolina  ✅GeorgiaTennessee  ✅IdahoMontana  ✅IdahoNevadaIdahoOregon  ✅IdahoU…