Angel Stadium

So here I am at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. I have a phenomenal seat in the row behind the visiting team dugout, right in line with the first 'L' in 'Baseball' painted on its roof. I am pecking away furiously because the phone will be put down while the game is going on--this is a pay-attention seat, as bats and balls could well fly this way.

The seat was somewhat expensive, but very fair. It's not the kind of ticket I would buy for every game, but who knows if I'll ever get here again. The food was fairly priced, as it was under $10 for a tasty brisket sandwich. Beer, though, was a ripoff at $12.

My attendance at this game means that I have now seen every AL team play at home (although I still need to see the Twins and Tigers play at their new ballarks). That brings me down to four teams I haven't seen play a home game, but that will change to three tomorrow....

With the Yankees finally winning a series against these guys, it will be a little easier to do what I always hope to do at these road games: root root root for the home team. Hell, I'm even wearing a red shirt.

Anyway, on to the game...


  1. Actually, silly me, the seat was behind field level seats closer to home plate...


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