Baseball road trip?

From my home to Cincinnati is about 560 miles
From Cincinnati to St. Louis is about 365 miles
From St. Louis to Minneapolis is about 560 miles
From Minneapolis to Detroit is about 690 miles
From Detroit to Pittsburgh is about 285 miles
From Pittsburgh to DC is about 245 miles
From DC back home is just over 300 miles.

Now check out this corresponding baseball schedule:

The Reds are home on June 29
The Cardinals are home on June 30
The Twins are home on July 1
The Tigers are home on July 2
The Pirates are home on July 3
And, yes, the Nationals are home on July 4.

The Pirates are one of the 7 teams I have not seen play at home, and the other 5 games represent an opportunity for me to knock off all at once the remaining "new stadiums" of teams I've already seen play in their old ballparks. Hmmmm.

The stars are all aligned. That it is a late afternoon game in St. Louis is not a problem. However, losing an hour for the time change between Minneapolis and Detroit does make that distance even more of a challenge. Still, I feel my driving muscles flexing...

But, no, no, I am not that crazy. I might, though, be between one-third and two-thirds that crazy. Stay tuned.


  1. I was only 1/6 that crazy, and hit the Pirates game last night. Came close to attempting Cincinatti on Wednesday, or Washington today, but that did not materialize either...


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