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Getting ready for Sandy

I've cleared the gutters.
I've caulked that leaky window.
I've gassed up the chainsaw.
I've purchased D batteries and bottled water.
I've secured use of my neighbor's pool water for toilet flushing.
I've charged up every rechargeable device I have, whether or not I think I'll need that old digital camera, the helmet cam, etc, these next few days.
I've pulled out all the old candles I have lying around.
I've got my British ales lined up.
I've got the charcoal grill prepped and ready to fire up should meats in the freezer start thawing.
I've washed my apples, and other produce, and have plenty of nuts and other non-perishables ready.
I have enough Halloween candy to nourish me for a few days.

I guess that should do it...

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