Dodger Stadium

So here I am at Dodger Stadium. Yes, another round of SoCal baseball is on the docket for today. I had this weekend circled on the calendar as soon as the MLB schedule came out, as it is the only one this season where the Angels and Dodgers are both home. I was treated to a great game yesterday that ended with Rally Monkeys and a walkoff homerun. I can only hope for some of that excitement today.

It's a nice day now, but I'm sure the heat will set in later. Wouldn't expect much different from a ballpark that's been around over 50 years, with something like a total of 10 or 11 rainouts. It's also one of the oldest ballparks (with only Fenway and Wrigley older)--rather amazing when you think about it.

After this game, I will have three teams left to see: the Astros, Padres, and Diamondbacks, all of whom I will try to see next year (although this will necessitate a drive or flight between San Diego and Phoenix). Then, it will be a matter of getting to the new ballparks of the Tigers, Twins, Cardinals, and Reds. Oh yeah, and the Marlins...

I have another really nice seat, this one courtesy of a cousin that lives out here. And, that will be another highlight of the trip, meeting this cousin (5C1R, to be technical) whom I've known for years now, though only via email and phone.

Anyway, a frequent rival of the Yankees in the past, I nonetheless have no trouble donning a light blue shirt and rooting for the home team.

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