Writing around Word

I don’t know if I am clever or deviant.

A few weeks ago I used my film scanner for the first time since doing some initial scanning after purchasing it 5 years ago. This particular brand has its own file format. It lets the user scan the image, and import the file into MS applications such as Word, Outlook, etc, but, as far as I can tell, doing any image editing requires purchasing their deluxe software package. For as much scanning as I do, I see no reason to purchase additional software. Well, the only other program I have that could open the file was good ole MS Paint. From there, it was a breeze to save the image as a jpg, open it in another program, and then make my minor edits in that application.

Since joining Blogger, I've only had a few stretches of focused writing. I noted almost immediately that there is that handy "Draft" feature that lets the user write and then edit/post at their leisure. Well, what I didn't realize until getting around to posting my first few items was they're all being time stamped the same day--the day they were first created--even though they were finalized on different days (I see where this is corrected with the newer Blogger version, which I haven't gotten around to exploring). Harmless, really, but some of the textual references such as "I said yesterday" suddenly were out of alignment. So, I tried to apply a similar kind of workaround as I did to the image files, and bounce the text through several programs: Instead of typing up a draft on Blogger, I decided to write it out in Word. When I tried to paste the text into Blogger, though, I set off all sorts of alarms, as there were some unauthorized tags in my simple text document. So, I pasted the same text into good ole WordPad, and then copied and pasted from there into Blogger. No alarms sounded, and the successful post went up without a hitch. Woo hoo.

Ok, these feel more clever than deviant.


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