Last thoughts on the Olympics

Ok, I know it is time to move on to other topics, but there are still a number of things I wanted to say about these just-concluded Olympics. I've covered things that were on my mind in the three preceding posts. So, I will skip over those thoughts and randomly summarize the remainder in list form (I like making lists...)

1) Night Train!!! I have little doubt this is one of the things my mom would have loved to see happen: The US winning (seemingly easily) the 4-man bobsled for the first time since 1948. Great job guys!

2) US Hockey: It's Canada's sport. I would have liked for us to win this game, but Canada winning would have been my second choice at the start of the games. In what was easily one of the best games EVER (and certainly for me the most memorable in the last 15 years), the US fell behind 2-0, tied it with 24-seconds left, and then lost it on a Crosby goal in OT. Yesterday, I mentioned how social networking made these Olympics more enjoyable for me. Well, I could have done without the derisive comments posted by fans on both sides of the border, but that is to be expected I suppose when 10s or 100s of thousands can post on a fan site. Good job, Team USA (and especially you, Ryan Miller). Good job, Team Canada.

3) Figure skating: I missed the men's event because I was away skiing myself (and I can't say that I tried to catch any of it...). I did, though, catch some of the women's competition, in particular the short program. I had heard plenty about the talent of South Korea's Kim Yu Na and the touching story of Canada's Joannie Rochette. With the former, it doesn't matter the sport, but for me when someone is so clearly better (stronger, faster, whatever) than the competition, it is worth watching, and she really looked far superior. With the latter, how remarkable to complete that program under the circumstances of losing her mother so soon before the competition. As for the long program, well, a snowstorm blanketed my satellite dish, preventing me from seeing it. Oh well... As for the ice dancing, all I will say is good job to the US and Canadian participants--nice to end the dominance of our friends across the pond.

4) Downhill Skiing: Thrilled with our medal count in the Alpine events.

5) Nordic Skiing: Stunned with our medal count in the Nordic events. Great job, Spillane, DeMong, and Lodwick in the Nordic Combined. Oh, and I actually like the job Al Trautwig does with the Nordic events (I've got to be in the minority there), but I got a little sick of both announcers extolling the prowess of Norwegian Petter Northug, even as sensational as he proved to be in the second week.

6) Short-track speed skating: Apolo Ohno (8 and maybe still counting??) and new stars JR Celski and Katherine Reutter did great. Sure, there was the usual controversy over trips, slips, pushes, and all that, but these races are fun to watch and we have some good racers.

7) Long-track speed skating: Shani Davis and Chad Headrick helped us get a few more medals. But, what I may remember more than our own guys is the site of Sven Kramer of The Netherlands, easily the best in the longer events of this sport, throwing his glasses after being DQ'd because his coach had him wrongly change lanes.

8) Snowboard Half pipe: Damn, damn, damn, what Shaun White can do on a snowboard.

9) Curling: Here's hoping to see more curling on TV during non-Olympic years...and maybe even giving it a shot myself... What other Olympic sport has athletes my age? The Norwegian Curling Team's pants drew a ton of attention, and their team made it to the finals. Oh yeah, good job, Canada.

10) Sports Illustrated: It almost seemed that their jinx would work again, given Lindsey and her shin injury. Speaking of her and the magazine, I was not offended by that cover, nor their pictures of her or Hannah Teter...nope, not offended at all...

11) The closing ceremonies: Way to go, Canada, great that you can laugh at yourself. Glad your "mechanic" was able to figure out how to get that fourth arm up!

12) It's two years since I've been to Vancouver, and 10 years since I have been to Whistler. I need to get back to both.

I'm sure that, right after publishing, I will think that I should have added a 13, 14, and 15, but this should suffice for now. Until Sochi...


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