It's going to be a long ride home

It struck me a short time ago that I haven't used the mobile version of this blog since testing it out. I probably will shy away from it unless traveling, enduring a blackout, or something out of the ordinary. For one thing, I prefer typing with more than my thumbs, and I am simply afraid of leaving embarrassing typos all over the entry.

So, what's going on now? Well, I'm on the train again. I boarded about 10 minutes prior to departure, and had what might be considered a "Dream Car". It was empty but for a few quiet types like me, and I was prepared to read or just relax for the next 100 minutes. Then they got on the train. Who are "they"? Only the noisiest, most restless band of about three families who ever boarded a train.

About 10 minutes into the journey, I, along with the other quiet types, are amused. I did move away from the noisy section of the car, but just don't feel like switching cars altogether, a decision I'm bound to regret. There is a lot of chattering, aisle strolling, video game sounds, parents talking over their kids in a futile attempt to maintain order, and...hang of the kids is getting upset because his sister took his jacket...

Well, now one of the quiet ones seems less amused, but two others and I are holding firm.

The conductor just walked through and the noise vanished. I smirked when I handed him my ticket, and he claimed he didn't say anything to quiet them. But, he left and now the parents are making way more noise than the kids did, who are now simply running up and down the aisles.

Thumbs tired, taking a break.

...That preceding line is where I stopped mobile blogging, as I couldn't get back to the page after saving it. So, I am home now, cleaning up this post, and the noisy crowd is a fleeting memory...


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