Your sew vein

Eye think their are two many words that sound the same butt have different spellings. Don't bee blew if your won too get them mixed up: Its a common era wee all make hear and they're. Know, your knot alone, as eye sea myself inn this boat to from thyme too thyme—you’ve scene me dew this, write? Worse, you're spell checker won't always get them write when ewe right either. Sew, what can yew dew? Bee careful, make shore too understand the difference, I you're work a we bit closer, and perhaps paws before yew type won of these words two sea if the usage is write.

Weight, their is moor: know doubt ewe will meat vein heels who can’t bare such eras and will sleigh ewe four it. It really greats on these pour folks, butt don’t let it way on ewe; just take the hi rode and no that eye think ewe right grate.

Anyway, thyme too poor a cold won…


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