MLB unveils schedule for 2012 season | News

MLB unveils schedule for 2012 season | News

I'm really just testing this "Share this" tool bar, but the release of the MLB and NFL schedules does make my heart beat a bit quicker. It makes me dream of road trips, and visits to those ballparks I desperately want to visit. Not to mention those others I'd really like to visit. And, those ballparks I'd like to see again. It's three teams to go--Houston, San Diego, and Arizona. And, Miami has added a new ballpark, so I'll need to get there one day, before or after I get to the new ones that have been built in Detroit, Minnesota, and Cincinnati. It's also been too long since I've been to Camden Yards, Fenway, and Wrigley.

But, hey, football season is just kicking off, and I have some more immediate dreams to fulfill...


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