Busch Stadium

So here I am at Busch Stadium. It's been too long since I've been to this city, let alone seen a game here.

Actually, it was 20 years ago this month when I made my last trip to St. Louis: After making a few weekend trips to see various baseball and football games, I made a meandering trip through the Midwest and Plain states, taking in six games in the two sports over eight days. The old Busch Stadium was the first ballgame I saw on that trip. I spent a nice afternoon and evening there then, and look forward to the same this weekend.

That game was on a weekday evening in the old, somewhat forgettable cookie-cutter stadium, the nice views of the Gateway Arch notwithstanding. It's beautiful today, and this ballpark is a vast improvement, with a big weekend crowd (lots of Cubs fans too), and the same great view and presence of the beautiful Arch. The game itself is a rather important one, with playoff implications (my team has won their division already, so I had to travel some 900 miles to see a game with something on the line for the home team).

This will conclude a pretty good season of hitting new ballparks (5). A post on that will certainly follow. Then, the focus will go to football, with that shift occurring, well, tomorrow!

To wrap up, I don't know why, but I've always liked the Cards, so, despite the fact I'm wearing a team-neutral baseball shirt, I'm definitely rooting for the home team.

Back to the game... 


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