Where to Hit the Slopes in 2011-12 | Farmers' Almanac

Where to Hit the Slopes in 2011-12 | Farmers' Almanac

This past Friday I was at good ole Adams Fairacre Farms and picked up and flipped through a copy of this quaint almanac, something I remember showing up in our home every year when we were young. I was doing some serious shopping though--I was there for a roof rake and a stink bug trap, neither of which I even knew existed until these past couple of years, let alone ever read about in the Farmers' Almanac or any other resource. It hit me while shopping that I hadn't put down fertilizer since the spring, and I do know the importance of that fall fertilizing, so I set myself up with that. Then I walked by the bulb rack. I didn't bother doing my usual checking labels for that little portrait of the deer with a circle and slash, and went straight for daffodils, which I know they don't like.

I used my neighbor's roof rake last winter, and knew it was something I should have. Apparently, the Farmer's Almanac thinks I'm going to need it as well. No, it's not a tool I'm particularly eager to use, but if it's snowy here, it's going to be snowy at the mountains too. And, that would be quite swell as far as I am concerned. Yes, despite some balmy weather, football is in full swing, the MLB regular season ends today, leaves are falling, Mallomars are on supermarket shelves, spring bulbs are on nursery shelves, and stink bugs are trying to invade my home, all signaling the retreat of summer and the full onset of fall. That means winter and skiing is just about 10 weeks away.

Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow...


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