On to the next round!

What a game by our team. And really, for the three games of the first round there were no losses. Nicely done by US.

We won't soon forget the goal that was taken away in the second game, which prevented us from winning two games in this round, but we probably will forget that we were nearly robbed of today's win when an apparent goal was disallowed for an errant off-sides call. And, that's just as well, as what should be remembered was the perseverance of the U.S. Team.

When the clock hit 90 minutes today, and the timekeeper showed four additional minutes to be played, I figured a goal was going to be scored--either by us playing very aggressively, or by Algeria, who despite looking a bit more tired had me concerned that they might capitalize on our aggression. But, just like that, there was that breakaway up the field, then a deflected shot from Altidore, a ricochet off the goalie, and then there was Donovan's waiting foot. Shoot, score, and to the round of 16 we go.

Had we not won, I may well have tried to write a piece comparing the umpiring that blew the perfect game for Galarraga and the refereeing that cost the US team a chance at the round of 16, and I still may. But, the goal in the 91st minute has me delaying that for now, and focusing on our accomplishment.

These games are 90-minutes long, and we should remember that being down early is no reason to be discouraged. We persevere, and we score late.


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