Alternative baseball road trip?

The flight from my home to Phoenix is about 5 hours
The drive from Phoenix to Anaheim is about 360 miles
From Anaheim to, ummm, Los Angeles (Dodger Stadium) is about 30 miles.
The flight home from LA is about 5 hours.

Now check out this corresponding baseball schedule:

The Diamondbacks are home on June 23
The Angels are home on June 24
The Dodgers are home on June 25.

With this plan, we're only talking about three games, and way less driving time. But, we're adding a flight and a rental car, so common sense is going to prevail here too. Still, Anaheim is the only American League team I haven't seen play at home, so I wouldn't mind knocking it off the list. Further, if I am going to get to all of the ballparks, I will need to get to these stadiums at some point. And, finally, the two NL games are against the Yankees! I'm going to have to think about this a little bit....


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