Where is everybody?

So, I’ve been on Blogger for two months now. I’ve been pretty steady with my posting, trying to get a bunch up pretty quickly and then two or three a week after that. My posts have centered on the ‘interests’ listed in my profile, and have been largely in the 500-word range—hopefully not too long to be cumbersome for the casual passer by, but also meaty enough to tell the whole story. The Analytics function, however, reveals a very limited audience that has me thinking that I am accomplishing little more than trying to keep my writing sharp. Those who have found their way to this page have done so largely at my prodding: If I think a post interesting enough, I Tweet it or Post it to Facebook. I’ve emailed the URL of the blog to a few others which apparently led here as well. Further, there have been a few hits from folks searching various terms, including “MTA gripe”, “Metrocard”, “Al Trautwig NBC Petter Northug”, and “Noisy train crowd”. A few of these were terms used within a post, a few were labels at the end of the post, and two were titles of posts. This suggests to me that my posts are being pretty well crawled by Google.

There have been no errant hits from folks searching for the Trollopian novel that is this blog’s title. Oh, and that "Next Blog" feature at the top of the page hasn’t led to any hits; in fact, clicking it myself to see what other are writing has caused me to land on a few of the same blogs more than once, suggesting a weak random generator.

As my reason for starting a blog was to keep my writing tuned, I imagine I will do this awhile longer, for better or worse, and rest assured that I will do so without lamenting the lack of an audience…

Now excuse me while I go make a Tweet...


  1. Maybe the readers are just pissed that you won't accept their comments...

  2. Thanks Tom. This crystallizes my thoughts on personal blogging. I've been wondering where I'm going with it, and the best rationale I can see is the creation of a writing habit. I'll likely have few readers beyond those I prompt via email or twitter, but that's ok.

    I'm glad you intend to continue... it encourages me to do likewise.

  3. I'm glad you'll keep at it, Paul--I like what you've been posting.


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