What time is it?

Psst...there's now another good reason for you to stop by here from time to time. Now, you can do more than read about my bemoaning of the failings of Big Blue or my discussions of baseball, skiing, travel, and ancestry; and more than gaze at pictures of the general backyard landscape. You can come here to check the time. That's right, if you want to know the time, just look at that little Widget below all of the search labels to the right.

And I don't mean approximate time. I mean official atomic-clock time, courtesy of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. If the clock on your computer shows a different time, it's wrong. If your watch shows a different time, you should reset it. This clock is spot-on accurate. Thank you, NIST friends.

Hey, my computer clock is off by 4 seconds...


  1. I notice that the clock display says "network delay 0.1 s". Include another 0.1 s for the time it takes my brain to process the image and perhaps another 0.2 for my brain to assimilate the information contained in the image. Add it all up and I'm still chronically 4 tenths of a second behind.

  2. Thanks. A good stop gap measure. But I'm still annoyed that my high tech Dell still loses any where from a few minutes to several hours per day. Grrrrr.


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