Part of a Giant problem

Dear Mario-

I know it's a little close to game time for you to be receiving this, but, well, I was hoping someone might give you that smack in the head the coaching staff clearly isn't.

See, should Big Blue fail to make the playoffs, I will long remember how the season unraveled the second you dropped the ball along the sideline in the third quarter of that crushing loss to the Eagles two weeks ago. Yes, tons wrong occurred after that play, but, had you simply taken care of the ball, we'd have run some time off the clock, maybe a lot of time, and, who knows, maybe the Eagles would have taken Vick out at some point shortly thereafter. (And, even if that is unlikely, it is much more likely for time to run out before that infamous punt return.) Instead, there was that long TD run by the opposing tight end, the completely unready set up against the onside kick that followed, and, in a flash, score, score, score. Now, you're nowhere near the team leadership in the fumble department, no you're not. Still, that was a devastating, careless play.

Well, things happen, and players move on, right? So, what happened against Green Bay? You score on a beautiful 85-yard TD play. Why, why, why, though, did you slow down near the goal line? I saw it, and thought it ridiculous that there be any kind of showboating given what had happened last week and what the scoreboard in this game showed.

Then, later in the game, after catching a ball along the left sideline, as you tried to pick up more yards, you held the ball out, with your right hand?! Why? Why leave it unprotected like that? Did you forget what happened last week? Tuck the damn ball. Hold on tight. Who knows what was said to you after each game, but I hope you heard it from your coaches at some point.

This kind of play says to me it's time for the Giants to change coaches. Undisciplined play is not the hallmark of teams vying for playoff contention, let alone championships.

Good luck today. Take care of that ball. You're our number 1 receiver--I'm rooting for you.

Good luck, Big Blue.



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