A more Giant problem

Dear Big Blue-

I just said a few things to #82 that I hope you've already addressed. See, I simply think he's been too careless with the football lately. Yes, I'm basing that off of just a few plays, but we have so few players that are really good at hanging onto it that I hate to see another one fall victim to fumblitis.

Now, what is up with this? Players go through it, I know, but to this degree? I remember when Tiki had his issues, and the problem got corrected. Why are the same players on this team repeatedly putting the ball on the ground? The extent to which Bradshaw fumbles is ridiculous, but even Jacobs is too careless with it. In fact, I knew he was in trouble on his breakaway run in the Packers game, and was hoping he'd turn out of bounds before it was poked away--you'd think the coaches might have the players prepared for situations like that.

But, fumblitis is only half of the problem on offense, isn't it? What is going on at quarterback? Now, the most famous play of Eli's career was the sling pass to Tyree in the Super Bowl. He is something of a chucker. But, the interception rate is easily as ridiculous as the fumble pace. And, we know they are not all the QB's fault. Some passes get tipped or bounce off the receiver. Other times, the receiver runs the wrong route. Those are easy to pick out, because you can see the QB let the receiver know that they failed. Now, this is my big issue--Eli admonishes players who screw up, whether they miss a block, run the wrong route, or whatever. Who does this to him when he screws up? There are plenty of times I wonder why he doesn't take a sack and protect the ball. Instead, he fights and fights, and then throws off his back foot or slings it side arm. Ok, he hasn't thrown a left-handed pass since week 2, but that doesn't mean he's been smarter with the ball either. Eli has thrown 30 touchdowns this year. That's incredible. He's also thrown 24 ints. That too is incredible. And, even more incredible is that the coaching staff hasn't been able to do anything at all to curtail this.

Just like the running backs fumbling, a quarterback giving away possessions is a problem requiring attention. It seems to me that the comfort level between the quarterback and head coach is too high.

This head coach won us a Super Bowl, which is an awesome feat. But, the team he's coaching now is remarkably undisciplined. Changes are needed.

As I said to Mario, I'm rooting for you, Big Blue. Take care of the ball today. And good luck.


PS: I realize that I thoroughly let the defense off the hook with these pregame posts. Surely, better defense could have covered up some of the problems on offense. But, I'm really not sure how good this defense is. They've looked great at times, and horrible at others. The fact is, outside of the Bears and Jaguars, I don't think the Giants have beaten anybody that currently has a winning record. They're 9-6, and I think that is who they are: a 9-7 or 10-6 team at best.


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