Sharp enough to...

Last week I dropped them off, and now I have them back. Look how shiny the edges are...

Yeah, I know, lots of people get their skis tuned each year, but I got a little bit excited because I happened to go out and pick them up on a really cold and windy evening, an evening that started with some peeks at the snow reports from resorts to my north: six inches and up is what they're boasting.

Finally! Cold weather, snow, and a set of skis ready for it. Sweet!

But, take another look at that picture. Look how the flash bounces off the sharpened edges. Trust me, those edges are sharp. Sharp enough to shave with. Sharp enough to split a hare/hair. Sharp enough to cut a shadow off an icy slope. And the base is waxed as smooth as it was the day I picked them up.

Really hoping for a few good runs at some point over the weekend.


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