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Jethro Tull | CD Reviews | East Bay Express

What to do, what to do. I first had Aqualung on vinyl, and then it was among the first CDs I picked up. Fifteen years ago, I bought the digitally remastered, 25th Anniversary version of the album. When the urge to hear Aqualung comes, it is the latter that I pluck from the CD rack.

But now this.

A 40-year, 2-disc, commemorative version is out there? Crisper vocals? Sharper guitar? Oh, I guess I'll be plucking down a few dollars for it. Forget all that song downloading stuff I've been posting: I like CDs. And this is a great one.

Anyway, be sure to check the comment box soon after this goes up, as Sliced Tongue probably has his retort ready before he even gets to this sentence...


  1. No comment beyond a suggestion that you go for the full Monty and get the box set with the vinyl and the commemorative book:


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