Heinz Field

So here I am at Heinz Field!

That's right, baby, HKHWR has done it: The knucklehead, no, the magnificent bastard, has made the 209-mile trip from one gridiron to another, Buffalo to Pittsburgh, and is now watching a Steelers game. Two games in one day. Fantastic. The ride was surprisingly easy as the traffic stars completely aligned.

The black team-neutral NFL gear blends well, and I am totally rooting for the Black and Gold. I may be rooting against the Ravens, who I watched have their way against the Rams six weeks ago, and, worse, who beat my Giants in the Super Bowl, but I kind of like the Steelers. Hell, they were my favorite team when I was 6. I didn't realize that I bled blue until I was 7...

I guess I could note for symmetry with my post this afternoon that attendance here means I've now seen the four AFC North teams play a home game, so I'm getting there. I'm a hair over two thirds of the way done: 21 teams and counting.

Ok, I've got to get ready for this game...


  1. You are indeed a magnificent bastard.

  2. Perhaps, though it strikes me that my math is not so magnificent, as 21/32 is not quite 2/3...


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