Ralph Wilson Stadium

So here I am at Ralph Wilson Stadium. I circled this weekend on the schedule when the lockout ended.

Given that I have been to over half of the NFL stadiums it does somewhat surprise me that it has taken so long to watch a game here, in my home state. I nearly did way back in 1991 when this see-them-all endeavor was in its infancy, but decided to drive home from a weekend in the area rather than stay out an extra day. Not many opportunities to see a game here came up after that. But, then again, many other games were attended because of the way they lined up with, say, business travel. For better or worse, business travel has never led me west of the Hudson in my Empire State. I'm here now, though, for the intrastate rivalry.

The AFC East becomes the first division where I have seen all four teams. It was rather docile in New England, more rambunctious in Miami, and, well, of course the crowd is always into Jets games. I'm curious as to what I'll see here, but I know plenty of Jets fans made the trip.
I had no idea what type of weather to expect, though I was pretty sure I wouldn't be wearing shorts. Suffice it to say that it is perfect November weather--it simply could have been so much worse here in Buffalo. And, I should note, there is no hint of the foot and a half of snow that I encountered in the Hudson Valley last weekend...
Anyway, go Bills! No, go J-E-T-S!...I don't have a strong rooting interest here. I'm certainly more of a Jets fans than a Bills fan, but I do like going with the home crowd. I'm glad to be wearing my team-neutral NFL gear, and mostly hoping for a good game...and a quick one. You see, I have another ticket in hand. That's right, blogosphere, you can expect to hear from HKHWR one more time today...stay tuned...
Thirty minutes until kickoff...


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