I sincerely mean it...

I give up. I'm not going to fight it or fret over it anymore. I've been trying for years with maybe a 50% success rate, and I'm glad technology seems primed to pick me up the vast majority of times I'm in the 50% failure zone.

I'm talking about basic words like "sincerely" and "initially" that I never seem to type correctly. For whatever reason, I frequently transpose or duplicate some of the middle letters of these frequently used words. But, good ole autocomplete and spell check have my back. I don't even try to spell "sincerely" correctly anymore. I just type "sinc", and pelt out what feels like one or two "er"s. Next, autocomplete bails me out, or I right click on the errantly spelled word and smile as "sincerely" shows on the short list of word choices.

It's no coincidence that this post was done on my iPad, as it has a nice autocomplete function, and spared me from having to fully negotiate through those tricky words. Sure, many will gripe when autocomplete fails--and it can bomb at times--but not me. I'll gladly manually correct autocorrect mistakes if it spares me the ignominy of screwing up the easy words. And, autocorrect doesn't force me to stick with its choice; undoing is easy.

Now, if only Excel/Word would similarly learn and realize when I'm trying to not do what it seems so cock sure I'm attempting...I'm talking about you, "general" cell format, and you numbered/bulleted lists...

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