Good riddance

It was a good weekend in Atlanta. A nice, but not at all complete, break from a busy week, as I brought work with me. After an uneventful flight and then hour drive home, I forced myself outside to do a few hours of much needed yardwork. This was followed by some time spent in front of the computer, then watching TV, before crashing at 10:00 pm Sunday night.

I slept through the night, waking up yesterday morning just before 6:00am, and picked up my phone to check messages.

What!? He's dead?

I thought it was a joke. I proceeded to check Facebook and Twitter on my phone with one hand while fumbling with remotes with the other. We really did it. We killed him.

Great use of intelligence, great calls by our leaders, and great job by those in uniform!

Like others, I'm glad he's dead. He deserved it. He completely and totally deserved those bullets.

I read what others posted/tweeted early on, but said nothing myself. It was almost old news by the time I was aware. I liked what many others had written, as friends on both sides of the political spectrum said some poignant things, some said some humorous things, but nobody seemed to overlook the fact that what happened 10 years ago cannot be undone, though what had just transpired might perhaps bring a measure of closure to those most directly impacted by the heinous acts of his.

But I still didn't know what to write. I try to sidestep politics in social media, and didn't want to say anything trite, inflammatory, or really anything that had been said before. I felt like I should say something somewhere, however, and here seemed to be the place. What it is that I want to say, though, I don't know. I didn't feel overjoyed, and I didn't feel safer. I just felt a sense of relief, and perhaps of victory. Then again, knowing that someone else will try to fill his shoes, and guessing others might try some retaliative terrorist act, means that "victory" is not what I should be feeling. I'm just glad he's dead. Justice was served, and served quickly. No trials, no media circuses, just dumped in the ocean. Nice. Then I started to note the divisive posts that followed from both sides of the aforementioned political spectrum, making me think it was politics as usual.

Anyway, I watched the news for over an hour yesterday morning, and then got to work. And life does continue with one less evil being.


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