Comerica Park

And here I am in Comerica Park!! I guess it won't be official until the fifth inning, but HKHWR has done it! I am happy to say that I have touched them all. It took getting a ticket in roughly 43 different ballparks over 23 years, but I can now say that I have indeed touched them all. There's a ton of great memories packed into this journey, so many interesting people met, wild game action seen, baseball history made, and dozens of new cities visited that are now more familiar, certainly more than dots on a map to me.

I first came to Detroit to see their old ballpark, the classic Tiger Stadium, in 1999, the last year it was open. I actually got to Comerica five years ago, on a business trip, when the Tigers were out of town. Yeah, we got to test the speed guns (which clearly read about 20 MPH too slow based upon what it read off of my throws), hit in the batting cages, and enjoy "beverages" in the player's lounge. Some may have used that visit to check it off the list, but not HKHWR, no sir. My aim is to see ballgames.

I made the painless 4+ hour drive up from Cincinnati this morning. I got to see a great game there, and am simply hoping for a good one today too. As I noted in that post, this was the best schedule alignment for what I was doing. I am meeting some local friends I met during a ski trip this past winter, so that should be fun. I am a bit nervous though, about getting in all the requisite check-ins and getting my head looking outward and not down at this phone much during the game.

The weather is great. It's in the 70s and very sunny. Fine baseball weather, but I am glad to have saved the white shirt for today. The ballpark is a gem. There's a nice view of downtown, so all good there. The crowd is fully behind their first place team, yet a few loyal Chisox fans made the journey for their team. I'll be cheering along with the home crowd.

A few more ballpark-themed posts will follow, and I guess that will be it until the A's make that big decision... Anyway, time to watch the game.


  1. "and am simply hoping for a good one today too." Mega understatement...Chicago led 1-0 early, Detroit went ahead 2-0, and the Chicago tied it up in the top of the 9th, sending the game into extra innings. Three great innings followed, with some of the best defensive plays I remember seeing. Then, Miggy came up in the 12th, sending the crowd into a frenzy. He got a single to start things, and Torii Hunter ended it. Fun, fun time. Thanks to John, Terry, and Doug (standing in for his Dad Steve...) for a great time.


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