If I post it, they will win

Ok, I've been posting on the Wednesday or Thursday before each of the Giants playoff games, and they've won. I grew hip to this trend before the Championship game, and they squeaked out the win. No way will a Big Blue loss be attributable to my not doing my part now. So, here goes nothing....

That last game really was something else, eh? I was lucky enough to watch it in a great sports bar in Stowe, VT--the Sunset Grille and Tap Room. We spent seven or so hours there, ate two meals, and, well, enjoyed some pints of Switchback Ale. Enjoyed them we did through the AFC battle, and then through about the first half of the NFC game. By then, the nature of the latter game was clear--a tough battle with momentum swinging back and forth. I get nervous watching these games, and this game was no exception. Afraid to watch the TV at some points, I just stared at the mostly consumed dinner that remained on the plate in front of me. Nerves aside, it was a fun atmosphere.

Stowe is nicely situated to the north of NYC and to the northwest of Boston. Patriot fans were there in force and had their way during the first game, but then we Giants fans had the stage during the second one. Needless to say, there was much excitement when Tynes kicked Big Blue to the Super Bowl. And then there were the many discussions by fans regarding the rematch. Many wanted it, and many were concerned about it.

That's where I am 11 days later: I want to say that my team's win in SB42 wasn't a fluke, but I don't want to pester a formidable opponent.

It's been a surreal stretch since the Giants were 7-7. I was at the game that sunk them to .500, and they deserved to sink lower than that based on their performance, but, of course you can't earn more than a single win for a good performance nor more than a single loss for a dismal one. As it turned out, that was their last loss, and they have steadily improved most every facet of the game since then.

When the playoffs opened, the offensively potent Falcons laid an egg. The Giants moved on. Not lost on me in the next game is that Green Bay didn't play nearly as well as they did earlier in the year. I marveled at his perfect aim when Rodgers faced the Giants during the season. He couldn't replicate that in the playoffs. Conversely, Eli and company executed more than well enough to win, and the Giants moved on. Then there was that Championship game. I posted before the game that the Giants were a better team than they were when they had met the 49ers earlier in the season, but knew the same was true for the home team. It was a heavyweight fight with the visitors making more plays to win it. And the Giants moved on.

So here we are. What do I think? Well, some point out that New England's defense is playing better than they have in recent weeks. Who have they played though? The Broncos and the Ravens, neither of whom are offensive powerhouses by any metric. I think the Giants really should put up some big numbers in this one. They should be able to run, and they should be able to pass deep and shallow.

I'm more nervous about how the Giants defense will match up against New England. The Giants D only had to stop the San Francisco TE and couldn't. If the Patriots' significantly better TE Gronk is healthy, the Giants simply don't have a DB or LB to match him (at this time, his health is a big uncertainty). It's going to take a stellar performance by the Giants DL to disrupt the passing game. And, they may have enough muscle and speed and moves to do that--yes, collapse the pocket, run through the gaps, run around the ends. They did it in early November, and they're healthier now. Tuck, Osi, JPP, Kiwi, Tolly, Joseph, Canty. Those last two may be the key, for if they win their matchups (or simply draw), the Giants will be set up nicely.

Of course, all analysis can be discarded just as easily--these games often come down to nonstarters, and non stars. Both championship games were largely decided by reserve players who, depending on your perspective, were in the right or wrong spot at the right or wrong time.

That's all HKHWR has. Let's hope it's enough. Go Big Blue!


  1. Nice job-- you did it!

    Now could you post about my impending lottery win?


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