Finding my Pulse

My last post was from my iPad. Now this...

Sometimes I feel like writing, and I do mean writing; not typing. With that, I picked up this gadget, to see how I might use it.

When in a meeting last week, I thought this device would have come in handy--transcribing a few words and a simple diagram from a white board. Instead, I walked out with some good ole-fashioned notes that I had to type up. But, I really bought this Pulse pen for blogging, and had in mind that OCR add-on (MyScript) I had seen advertised on the Echo/Pulse site. So, this post was written out long-hand (it can almost be made out from the picture), the conversion to text done remarkably well given my handwriting, and then some minor edits and expansions of thought were done on the computer.

The pen & notebook seem really easy to carry around, but who knows. I think some of these gadgets are me trying to keep up. That is, my last PC was seven years old, as is my iPod. A DSLR followed in early 2005. Other than another digital camera purchase in 2009, I feel like I really fell behind in the gadgetry world. True, there were various smartphones, but they become outdated within months, and not much else.

So many gadgets, so many ways to use them...I remain curious to see how I employ the ones I have.

Stay tuned...


  1. I do like to learn about the latest though I'm not very tech savy beyond eblog. In other words my profound understanding of it all is about as deep as the Nats hitters chances against Halliday. :)


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