So, the drive to Fredericksburg and back wouldn't have been bad, but the shorter drive to Manassas on Saturday was desirable because of what I planned on Sunday: a day trip to Charlotte, NC.

Yep, I was ticking another football stadium off the list.

And, Bank of America is a fine place to watch a game. You can't tell from my picture, but just to the right of the frame, some of the city's nice skyline comes into view. One thing you might notice from the picture, however, is the number of empty seats, which may be expected when an 0-5 team hosts a 1-5 one. And there were plays in the game that reflected their records, including a pathetic pass right into the gut of a defensive tackle, although that led to a remarkable TD return, not to mention that there was a 55-yard field goal, and, most important, a nice 10-point fourth-quarter comeback for the home team.

Plenty of fans for the 49ers were present, but there was no anomosity shown by the friendly, easy-going Panthers fans.

It was a good game, and a fun day was capped when I got to meet up with an old friend who now resides in NC. One last note was the site of Charlotte airport--a hub for US Airlines--that evening, where fans wearing uniforms for most every team in the NFL could be seen. Clearly, I am not the only one who thinks hopping on a plane for a game isn't crazy...

As a footnote, I'll note that my mobile blog app has been down for a few days. I actually had this post ready to go yesterday, but just gave up and pasted the text into my bookmarked blogger page on my phone. Then, I tweaked it on my laptop, where I will no doubt spot a typo right after posting...


  1. No typos that I can see...
    In my limited traveling experience, I have come away with a very high opinion of 49ers fans. I have twice been in New Orleans when SF was the visiting team. On both occasions, lots of Niners fans were present (New Orleans is like that, a good place to go to follow your football team or do just about anything else), and I found them to be pleasant and fun-loving (again, the hosts city might have played a role).

  2. Whew. If the server that manages my mobile blogger app wakes up and posts the above entry on its own, a typo or two will surely be evident.
    Anyway, the 49ers are one of those teams I have somehow managed to see at a number of different stadiums. In fact, they were the opponent against the Saints when I visited the Superdome in 2002, which may have been the greatest game I ever saw. Their fans were fine there. However, I also saw them destroy the Chargers a year or two before that, and I must say that they were rather unruly there...


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