Football season is here!

Without question the first game of the NFL season gets my juices flowing much more than does opening day of the MLB season. Friends of mine seem to look forward to baseball more—from pitchers and catchers reporting to opening day—I think because it means an end to winter and the arrival of spring. Fair enough. I covered as much back in April.

However, I look forward to football big time. I’m a Giants fan, and they open their new stadium this Sunday, but tonight I will be enthusiastically watching the Vikings-Saints game. It doesn’t matter if it Sunday or who is playing: I’ll watch any two teams play any day of the week.

Now, baseball season is far from over. No, I am not turning my back on the season. I am a Yankee fan after all, and therefore am hoping for (and half expecting) nearly two more months of baseball. My visits to new ballparks, though, are done. I made it to three more this year (Tampa, Florida, and Pittsburgh). I now have been to 31 MLB ballparks, and have seen all but six teams play in their home parks (Braves, Astros, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Padres, and Angels), with 11 stadiums yet to visit (in addition to the six teams, I haven’t seen the new stadiums of the Cardinals, Nationals, Reds, Tigers, and Twins).

I’ll surely get to a couple more next year. Right now, though, my eyes are on the football schedule. I am not nearly as close to completing the NFL stadium tour as I am the MLB one. For football, it breaks down to this: I have seen 17 of the 32 teams play at home, have seen NFL games in 18 different stadiums, and have 20 more stadiums to visit.

Now, of course seeing the Giants in their new stomping grounds is on the to-do list. Still, I would like to make one or two small road trips to shorten up this list. A trip to Carolina or Buffalo is a strong possibility. Anyway, I have a lot more to say about the football games I’ve attended and will be attending, but there is a game about to start…


  1. Favre missing practice cost us the game last night. Flat! The new Target field is wonderful! And thanks for the moose posts. I almost got trampled twice on portage trails in the Boundary Water Canoe area in northern Minnesota. :)

  2. Yeah, it must be tough to watch a former foe leading your team. I wonder how much patience I'd have with a Division rival leading mine. It may have been just flatness; it could be his age keeping up to him. Time will tell. And, yes, Target field will be visited sooner than later (if nothing, else, those pork chops on a stick drew quite a bit of attention during the Yanks-Twins series last time).
    Glad you avoided the moose trampling, and thanks for stopping by and commenting...


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