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New York sports

It's still the first half of February. Pitchers and catchers are just showing up in Tampa. But, what a time it is for New York sports...

The Giants win the Super Bowl for the fourth time.

The Rangers are in first place.

The Knicks...yes, the Knicks...are rolling.

Eli for Big Blue. King Henrik for the Rangers. And now Lin for the Knicks.

Baseball can wait. There's a lot of good things happening at MSG, and in New York sports in general, right now...

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When Feelin' Blue is not Feelin' Blue

CCR may have been my first favorite rock band. Growing up, I can still remember the records that would rotate at family dinners throughout the seasons and years. Cosmos Factory was a favorite, with my Mom particularly fond of Ramble Tamble. And, what is not to like about that! Appreciation of CCR stayed with me, and I eventually bought all their albums myself, still owning them on CD. Anyway, I don't want to go off on too much of a tangent here, and will simply segue to this song that I can't get out of my head for the last month or so...

Perhaps one of their lesser known songs, the "Feelin' blue, blue, blue, blue, blue" chorus just won't leave my head. And I don't want it to leave any time soon. I'm feelin' blue in the best of possible ways.

Congrats to the New York Giants on their fourth Super Bowl Championship. Outstanding!!

Maybe I have one more football post in me for this season, but, if not, what better way to end it than a Super Bowl victo…

If I post it, they will win

Ok, I've been posting on the Wednesday or Thursday before each of the Giants playoff games, and they've won. I grew hip to this trend before the Championship game, and they squeaked out the win. No way will a Big Blue loss be attributable to my not doing my part now. So, here goes nothing....

That last game really was something else, eh? I was lucky enough to watch it in a great sports bar in Stowe, VT--the Sunset Grille and Tap Room. We spent seven or so hours there, ate two meals, and, well, enjoyed some pints of Switchback Ale. Enjoyed them we did through the AFC battle, and then through about the first half of the NFC game. By then, the nature of the latter game was clear--a tough battle with momentum swinging back and forth. I get nervous watching these games, and this game was no exception. Afraid to watch the TV at some points, I just stared at the mostly consumed dinner that remained on the plate in front of me. Nerves aside, it was a fun atmosphere.

Stowe is nicely…