Playing with my iPad and testing BlogPress

Yesterday, I made my first post with a video, and today I am again trying something new: blogging from my new's something in between that is closer to a toy. I've downloaded some apps--some purely for fun and others to help my productivity--that I've been taking for test drives, and now it's BlogPress's far, so good, but I've only been typing so far. Let's see how it does with a picture...

All too easy. That picture is one taken with the iPad's front camera, and here is one with that hard-to-aim rear camera...

Again, very easy to drag and drop pictures into this app. This will no doubt come in handy when traveling. My Droid serves me well in this regard too, though I haven't attempted a multi-pic post from it. I'm eager to work out a method to move pictures from my cameras to my iPad, as I don't see taking more than a picture or two at any one time with this. I can see using this app more at the point I work out file transfer.

Unless I am missing something, labels will have to be added from one of my other Blogger devices. Still, nice app...

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