My second contribution for 27 Outs Baseball

Today, my second article for 27 Outs Baseball was published. One of the things I really like about this group is that they keep their posts positive. I always strive for the same. Maybe a little self-deprecation, maybe a wee bit of playful mocking of one or two rival sports teams, etc, but that's about it. These guys operate the same way: No rants, no bashing, no promoting one team over another. Fair, fun, supportive and encouraging stuff.

In this post, which I've thought about writing here and elsewhere,  I come kind of close to violating that, as I take on fans who seem irritated at other fans who enjoy the game differently, who don't watch the game exclusively from their seat. I did, however, write this as a defense--a celebration, really--of the more laid-back baseball fan. Enjoy...


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