Marlins Park

And here I am at Marlins Park. My stadium tour for 2013 gets underway in Florida!

I met my first objective during the last weekend of last season, getting to my 29th and 30th teams' home ballparks. Since I started this adventure two decades ago, many teams have built new ballparks, however, meaning I can't yet say that I've seen them all. So, here I am, seeing another Marlins game. I saw them three years ago, when they were playing in a football stadium. Now they are in a ballpark, the newest one in the majors.

A quick overnighter, it's still nice to be down this way. It really is a beautiful ballpark, different in appearance from many of the other new ones, including some of the domed ones I've seen in recent years, and there's nothing retro about it. Add to that some nice and reasonable food items, and I'm all set.

The game itself? Well the starting pitching matchup didn't get me excited.

The team neutral gear is of course on, tho, and now for the game..


  1. I never added a comment about the pitching in this game. A home run was hit on the very first pitch of the game. That was it for scoring. It turned out to be a great pitching matchup. As for the run, the last time a MLB game had seen a first pitch homerun was in 1993. The last time it was the only score in the game was in 63, when Pete Rose (!) did it vs the Mets (!)...great, fast moving game. When I saw my other Marlins game, they scored two in the bottom of the ninth to win 2-1. I feel rather lucky to have seen two close games that unfolded rather uniquely...


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