Getting ready for ski season!

Remember those roller ski things I bought? The whole point of them was fitness, and being ready when ski season got here.

Well, not too long ago, I figured I'd be sailing like this by now: . Yeah, I was going to be in great shape, better shape than I had been in any recent ski season, in fact. That's right, I was going to put more time in on the skinny skis this winter and be ready to glide, well, something approximating this: . Ok, maybe not nearly so well, but certainly be able to move effortlessly along the trail, up hills, around turns, and all that. 

Instead, ski season is just about here, and I realize I don't quite have my ski legs ready. So, I'm frantically trying to get in shape. And, forget the roller skis, I'm getting ready for the season the old-fashioned way:


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