I'm not superstitious, but...

For the past few weeks, I've done a post about the Giants, and they've won the next Sunday. Now, there may be plenty of reasons for Big Blue to lose, but let it go on record that HKHWR is doing his part to keep this nice run going.

Not boastful in either of the first two rounds, I am certainly not going to change my tone here. I will note that I like the way the Giants are playing on all three sides of the ball--offense, defense and special teams. A wise coach from a division rival once said you had to win two out of three to win, and the Giants don't look overmatched in any of them.

For most of the season, I had thought the Giants special teams were average at best. They're certainly not an elite group, but they are playing more competently than they have all season.

I am very happy happy with the way the offense is going. The running and passing games are both solid. The two-back rotation does take a quarter or so to start moving, but they seem to get stronger as the game goes on. No worries there. As for the passing game, well, it's becoming clear that the Giants have two talented receivers in Nicks and Cruz that frequently command double teams, and then they have the speed in #82, who can be a difference maker himself. The line is solid, the tight end position is solid, and the man running the show is ELIte. Some may say it is a dELIght the way he is playing, and others simply bELIeve he can do no wrong.

The defense seems better by the week. The healthy front four, the return of Boley, and the improvement of the DB play absolutely belies the 32nd place ranking this team had at season's end. They gave up no points to the Falcons, and then 20 to the explosive Packers (and who knows if they'd have had half of that were it not for the worst officiating I can remember seeing).

No doubt, this team has gotten hot at the right time. They are clearly better than they were when they lost by a TD in San Francisco in November. The only problem I see is that the same is true for San Fran. I can't sum up my thoughts better than what I heard their QB say today: neither team is better than the other, and the winner will only be decided by who executes Sunday evening.

Championship Sunday. The Final Four. I certainly didn't see my team here a month ago. It's all gravy now.

Go Blue! I've done my part with this post, now it's up to you!


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