Whoa, I think Blogger might have something here...

Well, I'm in one of my I-don't-feel-like-blogging spells. I was away for work for last week, and then needed to catch up in the yard big time, plus I also wanted to spend some time with friends, and really just have a lot of baseball and football to watch. All that has left little time for posting much here. The closest I've come to a worthy topic lately followed that shameful loss the Giants suffered last week to a hard-to-figure-out Seahawk squad. Maybe before Sunday, I will get one out on that, but there's just too much sports to watch to spend much time posting. I mean, the MLB playoff rain delays do provide adequate time, but, there's just not much to write about.

Then I sat in front of my computer and relented to this "dynamic viewing" option Blogger offered. My first reaction was nice job! Well done for sure. Some post have slightly altered formatting, but nothing too irritating as far as I'm concerned. I really like how it brings some older posts right up front, so my newer readers (both of them) can browse a little easier and hopefully spot something that catches their interest--i.e., making more content accessible with fewer clicks. I think that is great. The current white background with black text is a bit boring, but I can see from the feedback page that color options is a coming feature. Nor was I thrilled to have widgets gone--I miss my labels! And, I miss that NIST clock that generated a specific post here earlier in the year. The recent Tweet widget was kind of nice, but I don't think it's led to many new followers. Still, I'll be happy to slap all of them on the margins of the page when available. Finally, there's a "Preview" pane where I usually catch the lion's share of my typos that ain't lit up. That definitely need repair (and has me posting this with fingers crossed).

Either way, the features and upgrades are nice, and not at all as frustrating as are the upgrades made at a certain other social networking site. Yeah, you Facebook. Nice too, that I could undo this if need be.

But, I won't be doing that. I will, though, be looking for my next post topic...


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