First game at New Meadowlands Arena

So here I am at the New Meadowlands Arena.

Ok, first of all...hmmm, actually for my first Giants game in their new stadium, I don't know what "first of all" I want to raise. The weather, the trains, the stadium, or the condition of Big Blue.

I left my house at about 8:30. At 28 degrees, there was a perfect autumn chill in the air. I have simply seen too many games wearing short sleeves these past few years. Be it domed stadiums, more southerly ones, more unseasonably warm games (I mean over 70 in Lambeau?!--I was almost tempted to not count that as a real Packer home game...), I'm finally at a game wearing long sleeves, and know I may have a jacket on by half time. Perfect football weather!

Then there was that trip here. Having sat on the exit ramp of the NJ turnpike for over an hour the last time I went to the old Giants Stadium, I'm simply not in a hurry to drive here. But, luckily, I was not in a hurry to get here today. Even with everything perfectly synched and quite reasonably priced, it was a full three hours of train rides: 100 minutes on MetroNorth, plus time on the Shuttle and A subways from Grand Central to Penn, NJ Transit to Secaucus, and then the train from there taking the completely circuitous route around the stadium to its gate. I'll wait until I see what the return trip is like before judging, but kind of hard to complain about no traffic, no parking fees, or the associate hassles of driving, especially at the end of a holiday weekend.

The stadium itself? Hey, it's home. There's not a whole lot that jumps out at me beyond that. I picked up a face-value ticket online this morning, and have a really good seat. What else matters?

The state of the Giants? Hmmm, let's just try to enjoy the game!

Go Big Blue!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my little nature blog. I have enjoyed checking out your posts. Pro football not so much as the Vikings suck this year. Nuff said. Civil war battle site and Yellowstone are two of my favorite places. I also followed up on the top 100 books and enjoyed thinking about that subject.
    btw I have a second blog (Troutbirder II) devoted to book reviews and other random subject. Feel free to stop by and comment sometime. Thanks again....


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