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Beautiful day on the slopes

I'll post more pictures and tell the full story soon enough, but suffice it to say that it was incredible today here in Stowe. The temperature was one whole degree this morning in the village, was up to about 9 by the time I made it to the Mansfield base 5 minutes later, and warmed up just right on this windless and cloudless day.

Armed only with my cell phone and Sony flip camera, I wanted to stop constantly to take pictures. But, uncrowded trails were too inviting to pass up for more than minute or two breaks.

Tomorrow should be more of the same. I may bring one of my other cameras along...

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My first birthday as a Capricorn

Well, blogosphere, thanks for all the birthday greetings. Not a single one of you checked in with even the mildest "Happy birthday, Tom". What? You didn't know it was my birthday? It's not provided here? That's no excuse.

But, don't feel bad: The Twitterverse ignored me too. Then again, even the crustier LinkedIn world chimed in with a birthday salutation...

Facebook, however, more than made up for it. From two days prior to a full week later, it was rather remarkable as scores of family and friends checked in.

I was away on business for my birthday. When I woke up in the hotel room that morning, the little red light on my Blackberry was flickering away, letting me know that friends had written birthday messages on my Wall through all hours of the night. After a quick scan of those postings, I went into the bathroom, and threw water on my face. Looking up at the mirror I could only laugh at a wet, single, very lengthy eyebrow hair that somehow had previousl…