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My six ski weekends 2014-15

So, yeah, that lump under my carpet was nothing more than one of my cross country skis, which ended up staying in the basement closet all winter long, and never once saw the light of day nor found their way to parallel tracks in the snow. Usually, I get on them once or twice locally and also bring them on my "big" ski vacation each February. But, for the first time since 2003, I didn't take off President's week, staying off of any kind of ski that entire week. Of course there were ski trips throughout the winter, but nothing more than long weekends, and in retrospect that worked out really well.

And let me note that I was more eager than usual for time on the slopes this winter. My purchase earlier in the year and subsequent extensive use of the Skier's Edge trainer had me more fit heading into this ski season than I had been in recent years. I couldn't wait to see how my workouts translated into actual skiing fitness and technique improvement.

Last year, I…