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Raymond James Stadium

And here I am in Raymond James Stadium!
Finally--two weekends deep in November and I'm seeing my first football game of the year. It's almost embarrassing. But, I don't create the schedule and this game was picked for good reason. You see, Big Blue is in town, along with a bunch of my closest Big Blue buddies. Just like last year in Jacksonville, we circled this date on the calendar when the schedule came out.
My day started with yet another stupid early flight, and once again I somehow woke up 2 minutes before my 4:00 am alarm, initially panicking since I thought I might have missed it. Though it was a nice crisp early morning with temps in the 30s, there was no snow in the yard like last year. The night sky created the beauty this time, with a sinking crescent moon being chased to the horizon by a bright Venus and Jupiter, coupled with some clearly visible Leonid meteor shower bursts that were actually a bit alarming in my pre-caffeinated drive down 684.
I didn't a…