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Football stadium roster

Ok, it ain't nearly so complete as my ballpark roster, but here is what my list of football stadium visits looks like through the end of 2013:

Sports Authority Field

And here I am at Sports Authority Field! 
It should be a good one, as Peyton and company go against the Chargers at my first ever Thursday Night Football game. Unfortunately, Wes Welker, one of Manning's key weapons, is out, which means any op to tie Brady's single-season TD record tonight is less likely.
I flew out of NY this morning, met a colleague for lunch, and now am joining a retired former co-worker for the game.

This is my first new NFL venue of the year, and finishes off the AFC West for me. After this game I will have seven teams left to see. I focused on finishing off the baseball stadiums this year, so didn't make a lot of progress with football. I hope to pick up the pace next year, which should be easier, as I only have to see one team west of the Rockies (the Niners), and just three west of the Mississippi River. And speaking of west of the Mississippi, this trip preserves a streak of at least one annual trip west of the river that started back on 1991.