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Announcing the North American National Parks Project!

Announcing the North American National Parks Project!

I love and loathe lists/goals like this. They put good and vile ideas in my head. After all, I have this thing about completing them. So far, I have completed travel tasks such as seeing all 50 states, touching all five Great Lakes, seeing all 30 MLB teams play a home game, and then seeing all current MLB ballparks. I'm also well underway to doing the same for NFL stadiums. Next, I already have an idea about trying to see a sporting event in all 50 states; I'm at 27 at the moment. I'm not really committed to that last one, but there are about a half dozen states--those which I've only previously driven through, e.g.--where I am planning on spending a bit more travel time.

Anyway, travel king Everything Everywhere wants to see all of the National Parks. I've seen a bunch. He posted this list, which I trust is accurate, and I've made bold those I've visited:

Acadia, Maine
American Samoa, American Samoa