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Yankee Stadium

A View From My SeatTesting a new sharing feature on one of my fave apps (not to mention scoring an easy post...)

The broken wrist

In my last entry, I excused my lack of posts by virtue of a broken wrist. Here, I will explain how I broke it. First, go back and reread one of the early posts on this blog. You'll see that I was/am very interested in the whole cross county ski thing. I like watching the pros do it, but I especially like firing my poles at the snow while pushing off on a ski, and repeating that motion until my arms, shoulders and legs ache so good.

The thing is, cross-country ski seasons are shorter than downhill ski seasons, and so my chances to do it are limited to a few days a year. It is such a great workout, though, that I've looked for ways to replicate the experience throughout the year. I've owned a NordicTrack for a good 10 years now, and less than half that time has it served as a coat rack. It's a great cardio workout, but it's not a true replacement of the XC experience. Late this spring, I began reading about roller skiing, and found a place in Norwich VT that rented a…

Some new hardware

Ok, I've had something of a writer's block going for, well, a good chunk of the year. I never could figure out how some posts felt written in my head before I turned to my blogging tool of choice (PC, iPad, or this phone), while other times it seems I go days or weeks with nothing to write. No, FBOW, I'm not done posting here. It was the last Olympics that got me started blogging after all, and these games have given me some ideas too. And, the ballpark and stadium visits over the next few months should ensure a half dozen or so posts.

That's all well and good, but what caused the dry well for all of July? Why, that's simple. This...