Ski season may be over but... least I logged a few days on the mountain later in the season than usual for me. I've been skiing solo or with snowboarders a lot these last few years, so it was good to ski more this season with other skiers.

I don't get to see what I look like often: a few pictures here and there, but nothing too revealing, other than showing I have too wide a stance. This year, however, my friend Ray got a few clips of me. Looking at them reveals plenty of flaws in technique, and has me wishing the video had been shot earlier in the season so that I could work on some of these faults. But, in this 9-sec video, where I'm not too ashamed of my form, I have something I feel comfortable sharing. I can watch it and see some things I am doing right, and I can see other things that have me yearning for the start of the 11/12 season so that I can improve. (You need to lean forward more and keep yer skis together, HKHWR! And avoid staying so upright...)

Still, it will be just nice to take a look at this from time to time, especially when the temperature really starts rising.


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